Susan has spent her entire career working in the entertainment industry, primarily the music business, where she started at the age of 17. She spent the 80's and 90's in Montreal and Los Angeles until finally settling in Toronto in the 00's, or so she thought.


In mid-2015, Susan realized the entertainment industrial machine was slowly sucking the life out of her, so she sold her house and moved to a one-horse town near the Quebec border where she lived with her 15 1/2 year old Schnoodle.


When her beloved Koby died of old age, Susan quickly realized a house is not a home without a dog, so she packed up again and moved back to her original home, Montreal, where she currently resides.


A fish out of water Susan realized her French was great in Toronto, but in French Speaking Quebec? Nor so much. She continues to work on the Virtual Assistance company she formed with other industry veterans, FalloutGirls.com, their sole intention is to provide affordable support for the indies and small businesses that feed the Entertainment Industrial machine. The ability to work from home and her new environment has re-ignited Susan's passion for writing, which in turn unleashed a torrent of suppressed ideas (largely due to since-expired confidentiality agreements.) 


Susan recently read some very bad advice on a website claiming to be experts in the music industry, so she quickly decided to set the record straight by starting a blog. roadtripstheblog.com provides tips and good advice for navigating the business of show.  No sugar coating, the information she provides is gleaned from personal experience and stories shared by fellow comrades in arms, the unindoctrinated will have a good idea of what to expect ~ after all, Susan and her friends know where the bodies are buried.

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